Unity Manual 用户手册

Welcome to Unity.


Unity is made to empower users to create the best interactive entertainment or multimedia experience that they can. This manual is designed to help you learn how to use Unity, from basic to advanced techniques. It can be read from start to finish or used as a reference.


The manual is divided into different sections. The first section, User Guide, is an introduction to Unity's interface, asset workflow, and the basics of building a game. If you are new to Unity, it is recommended that you start learning by reading the Unity Basics subsection.


The Android Guide addresses Android specific topics such as setting up the Android SDK and general development questions.

安卓指南,安卓的特定主题,如设置Android SDK和一般开发问题。

The next section, FAQ, is a collection of frequently asked questions about performing common tasks that require a few steps.


The last section, Advanced, addresses topics such as game optimization, shaders, file sizes, and deployment.


When you're done reading, be sure to take a look at the Reference Manual and the Scripting Reference for further details about the different possibilities of constructing your games with Unity.


If you find that any question you have is not answered in this manual please ask on Unity Answers or Unity Forums. You'll definitely find your answer there.

如果在本手册没有找到需要的答案,请在Unity AnswersUnity Forums提问,你一定会找到答案。