拖尾渲染器 Trail Renderer

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The Trail Renderer is used to make trails behind objects in the scene as they move about.

拖尾渲染器(Trail Renderer)用于制作跟在场景中的物体后面的拖尾效果来代表它们在到处移动。

The Trail Renderer Inspector 拖尾渲染器检视面板

Properties 属性

  • Materials 材质
    An array of materials used for rendering the trail. Particle shaders work the best for trails.
  • Size 大小
    The total number of elements in the Material array.
  • Element 0 元素
    Reference to the Material used to render the trail. The total number of elements is determined by the Size property.
  • Time 时间
    Length of the trail, measured in seconds.
  • Start Width 开始宽度
    Width of the trail at the object's position.
  • End Width 结束宽度
    Width of the trail at the end.
  • Colors 颜色
    Array of colors to use over the length of the trail. You can also set alpha transparency with the colors.
  • Color0 to Color4
    The trail's colors, initial to final.
  • Min Vertex Distance 最小顶点距离
    The minimum distance between anchor points of the trail.
  • AutoDestruct 自动销毁
    Enable this to make the object be destroyed when the object has been idle for Time seconds.

Details 细节

The Trail Renderer is great for a trail behind a projectile, or contrails from the tip of a plane's wings. It is good when trying to add a general feeling of speed.

拖尾渲染器(Trail Renderer)用于炮弹后面的拖尾,或是飞机机翼尖端产生的凝结尾的效果非常棒。当尝试添加一个速度的通用感觉时也很好。

When using a Trail Renderer, no other renderers on the GameObject are used. It is best to create an empty GameObject, and attach a Trail Renderer as the only renderer. You can then parent the Trail Renderer to whatever object you would like it to follow.

当使用一个拖尾渲染器(Trail Renderer)时,不能在游戏物体(GameObject)上使用其他的渲染器。最好是创建一个空的游戏物体(GameObject),并附加一个拖尾渲染器作为唯一的渲染器。然后你可以将你想要跟随的物体设置为拖尾渲染器的父物体。

Materials 材质

Trail Renderers should use a material that has a Particle Shader. The Texture used for the Material should be of square dimensions (e.g. 256x256 or 512x512).

拖尾渲染器(Trail Renderer)将使用一个包含粒子着色器(Paricle Shader)的材质。材质使用的贴图必需是平方尺寸(例如:256×256或512×512)。

Trail Width 拖尾宽度

By setting the Trail's Start and End Width, along with the Time property, you can tune the way it is displayed and behaves. For example, you could create the wake behind a boat by setting the Start Width to 1, and the End Width to 2. These values would probably need to be fine-tuned for your game.

通过设置拖尾的开始和结束宽度(Width),配合时间(Time)属性,你可以调节它显示和表现的方式。例如,你可以创建一个船后面的浪花(wake? Or wave?),设置开始宽度为1,结束宽度为2。这些值大概需要为你的游戏进行适当的调节。

Trail Colors 拖尾颜色

You can cycle your trail through 5 different color/opacity combinations. Using colors could make a bright green plasma trail gradually dim down to a dull grey dissipation, or cycle through the other colors of the rainbow. If you don't want to change the color, it can be very effective to change only the opacity of each color to make your trail fade in and out at the head and/or tail.


Min Vertex Distance 最小顶点距离

The Min Vertex Distance value determines how far the object that contains the trail must travel before a segment of the trail is solidified. Low values like 0.1 will create trail segments more often, creating smoother trails. Higher values like 1.5 will create segments that are more jagged in appearance. There is a slight performance trade off when using lower values/smoother trails, so try to use the largest possible value to achieve the effect you are trying to create.

最小顶点距离(Min Vertex Distance)决定了包含拖尾的物体在一个拖尾的段实体化之前必需经过的距离。较小的值如0.1将更频繁的创建拖尾段,生成更平滑的拖尾。较大的值如1.5将创建显示有更多锯齿的段。当使用较低的值/更平滑的拖尾时有一点点性能损失,所以应该尝试使用尽可能大的值来达到你想要创建的效果。

Hints 提示

  • Use Particle Materials with the Trail Renderer.
    在拖尾渲染器(TrailRender)中使用粒子材质(Particle Material)。
  • Trail Renderers must be laid out over a sequence of frames, they can't appear instantaneously.
  • Trail Renderers rotate to display the face toward the camera, similar to other Particle Systems.
    拖尾渲染器(TrailRender)将旋转为面向摄像机显示,就像其他的粒子系统(Particle Systems)。

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